APM - CSC - Splunk Engineer

Pune, Digital
We’re looking for an Associate Process Manager who has good software and system engineering disciplines with operations to build high-performance, scalable and resilient observability solutions. He/she will be reporting to the Project Manager.
The candidate must possess in-depth functional knowledge of the process area and apply it to operational scenarios to provide effective solutions. He/she must be able to identify discrepancies and propose optimal solutions by using a logical, systematic, and sequential methodology. It is vital to be open-minded towards inputs and views from team members and to effectively lead, control, and motivate groups towards company objects. Additionally, he/she must be self-directed, proactive, and seize every opportunity to meet internal and external customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction by effectively auditing processes, implementing best practices and process improvements, and utilizing the frameworks and tools available. Goals and thoughts must be clearly and concisely articulated and conveyed, verbally and in writing, to clients, colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors.

Associate Process Manager Roles and Responsibilities:
You will be working closely with the SRE team which will be responsible to monitor the client’s most critical systems. You will need to have the passion and intellectual curiosity for bringing greater visibility into the unknown and a drive to continuously strive towards correlating disparate datasets.
You will, therefore:
  • Act as a Splunk enterprise Subject Matter Expert
  • Architect, design, support, and maintain high availability, distributed multi-clustered and multi-tenant Splunk deployment
  • Implement and maintain Splunk platform infrastructure and configuration
  • Responsible for onboarding and maintaining a wide variety of data sources to include various OS, appliance, and application logs
  • Support Splunk on Unix, Linux, and Windows-based platforms
  • Perform data mining and analysis, using various query and reporting methods
  • Solve/troubleshoot complex integration challenges and configuration issues
  • Create advanced searches, dashboards, visualizations
  • Technical writing/creation of formal documentation such as architecture diagrams, technical designs, and SOPs Qualifications, Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies
  • Gain feedback continuously from client, users, team leads, and colleagues
You will need to demonstrate:
  • Bachelor’s Degree with 5 to 7 years of total development experience, 3+ years’ experience in Splunk Engineer configuring, Implementing, and Supporting Splunk Server Infrastructure across Windows, Unix, and Linux environments
  • Design and implement Splunk Architecture for on-premise (Indexer, Deployment server, Search heads, and Forwarder management), create/migrate existing Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, on a daily/weekly schedule to provide the best productivity and service to the business units and other stakeholders
  • Customizing Splunk for Monitoring and Application Management as per client requirements
  • Hands-on Experience to Create Dashboard Views, Reports, and Alerts for events and configure alert mail
  • Expert-level knowledge of SPL (Search Processing Language) – Writing complex and performant queries, reporting, dashboards, and Search Acceleration techniques
  • Data analyst mindset to understand trends, anomalies, thresholds and produce root cause analysis for critical problems
  • Expert level skills in Python programming
  • Experience with Splunk REST APIs and programmatically accessing and manipulating knowledge objects.
  • Experience in Splunk ITSI features - Service Analyser, Notable Events review, Glass Tables, Deep Dives, etc. and Splunk Phantom
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good understanding of Docker, MongoDB & Splunk Enterprise along with development technologies such as C/C++, Java, Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Good Research knowledge on Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning & Computer Networks would be an add-on
  • Also, potentially with certifications: Certified Splunk Administrator, Splunk Developer, Splunk Power User and Splunk User