Technology Services-Program Manager-Machine Learning

Mumbai, Shared Services

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creates business application and modelling framework and discovers insights and relationships from large / complex datasets through investigative research using advanced mathematical and / or statistical techniques
  • Explore data using a variety of advanced statistical techniques to proactively identify relationships, create insights and answer business questions or guide future model development
  • Build the hypothesis, identify research data attributes and determine best approach to address business issues
  • Combine business acumen with mathematical capabilities to build complex predictive models to support business objectives
  • Build complex programs for running mathematical or statistical tests on data and for understanding complex relationships across attributes
  • Incorporate findings and provides industry and competitor insights as part of model development and enhancement
  • Researches and maintain awareness of industry best practices and business strategies
  • Brings new and innovative ideas and approaches to develop business solutions
  • Monitors industry and competitor trends to determine potential impact to predictive models
  • Incorporates findings and provides industry and competitor insights as part of model development and enhancement

Technical and Functional Skills:

Specialization Area 1: Natural Language Processing

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of NLP (Natural Language Processing) experience.

Experience in any of the following areas will be preferred:

  • Natural language processing to model customer interactions and concept extraction, with a focus on the insurance sector
  • Image processing (deep learning) for damage assessment
  • Speech recognition
  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Recommendation engines for the insurance industry
  • Applications of Deep learning

Proficiency in the following tools: Python, Spark, Tensorflow, CAFFE, familiarity with word embeddings, scikit-learn, Graph databases, Databases, AWS environments

Specialization area 2: Image Processing

  • At least 2-3 years of experience working on image understanding problems such as visual classification, recognition, clustering, detection, and segmentation
  • Good understanding of various fundamentals and concepts of image processing, computer vision and machine learning
  • Strong grasp of deep Learning building blocks and architectures. Familiarity with image models such as AlexNet, VGG, GoogleNet
  • Experience with open source computer vision and deep learning libraries such as OpenCV, Caffe, TensorFlow
  • Comfortable programming in C/C++. Familiarity with python a plus

People Skills and Personality Traits:

Interact with company senior leadership to inform on industry trends and emerging research topics. Serve as internal expert for new areas of analytics exploration

Other Skills That Will Boost Your Eligibility:

Networks with and contributes thought leadership to the broader external analytics community. Builds awareness of leading techniques, tools, and data resources