Mumbai, Digital

The Program Management team is responsible for managing the development of Global Marketing Campaigns across multiple teams. The Digital Marketing Campaign Manager (hereafter Campaign Manager) will create project plans and facilitate cross-functional efforts to help marketers design and launch end-to-end digital marketing campaigns through email, onsite and other channels.

The candidate must possess in-depth functional knowledge of the process area and apply it to operational scenarios to provide effective solutions. He/she must be able to identify discrepancies and propose optimal solutions by using a logical, systematic, and sequential methodology. It is vital to be open-minded towards inputs and views from team members and to effectively lead, control, and motivate groups towards company objects. Additionally, he/she must be self-directed, proactive, and seize every opportunity to meet internal and external customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction by effectively auditing processes, implementing best practices and process improvements, and utilizing the frameworks and tools available. Goals and thoughts must be clearly and concisely articulated and conveyed, verbally and in writing, to clients, colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors.

PDE Senior Process Manager Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work with marketing managers from the inception of marketing campaigns in a consultative manner to lead and guide marketing managers in the roll-out of the marketing campaign(s).
  • Partnering with Marketing Manager, the Digital Marketing Program Manager is responsible for the end to end management of the marketing program across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Maintain an open channel of communication with Marketing managers throughout the life of the program to define and document campaign requirements within the internal marketing resource management (MRM) solution
  • Gather the campaign requirements and work with cross-functional team and involve domain experts wherever required while project managing all aspects of the campaign milestones and deliverables.
  • Help Marketing Managers define the general vision of the program and ensure that all teams involved, understand their deliverables and due dates.
  • Develop a master project plan to coordinate all of the activities of the teams.
  • Create segmentation plans that support marketing campaigns and for the Marketing Operations team to execute and automate those segmentation plans
  • Manage the Creative Development process (where required) to ensure that the creative teams understand the direction of Marketing, that communications between the teams are conveyed in a timely fashion and that Legal, Brand and other pertinent teams have input
  • When relevant, ensure that cross-functional teams/domain experts are involved in setting up relevant metrics and ensure that results of the campaign are reported consistently.
  • Keep abreast of ad technology, marketing technology and developments.
  • Should understand email marketing, performance marketing.
  • Understanding of social media marketing a plus. 

Technical and Functional Skills: 

  • At least 7- 9 years’ experience in marketing , of which 4 years should be in project management across cross-functional teams for multi-channel digital campaigns
  • Experience in direct marketing or database marketing a plus. 
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple simultaneous programs
  • Experience in creating project plans that range upwards to 100 tasks in either Microsoft Project 
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams and Marketing in-person and over the phone. 
  • Excellent process flow management capabilities
  • Proficient with basic office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint